Faculty Book: Challenges Towards Ecological Sustainability in China

As the world’s the largest developing country, China has experienced significant economic growth since 1978 when it initiated the reform and open door policy. However, the country has been facing grave challenges because of diminishing natural resources, continued environmental degradation, and increasing social and economic marginalization. The Chinese society has come into consensus that unsustainable development must be changed, and economic and social progress must be adjusted to minimize the impacts upon the Earth’s life support systems.

Our book is one of few English books focusing on the issue of ecological sustainability in China. It includes a selection of the best papers presented at the Jinan Forum on Geography and Ecological Sustainability held in Guangzhou, China, from 17 to 19 February 2017, as well as several invited papers.

Our book discusses concepts, methods, and applications in geography and ecology with an emphasis on various issues challenging sustainability in China. Chapters are written by leading scholars and researchers from a variety of disciplines including geography, ecology, environmental science and policy, and economics. Case studies are predominantly drawn from Southern China, where nearly four decades of dramatic urbanization has caused economic and ecological strains on land and people. This book, which will be published soon, will appeal to a wide readership including researchers, upper-division undergraduate and graduate students, and professionals in the fields of sustainability science, geography, ecology, and environmental science and policy.

Dr. Xiaojun Yang is a Professor in the Department of Geography.

Learn more about the volume, and get a free preview, at Springer.com.

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