Teach Talk: Creativity, Flexibility, and Support During COVID-19

As I look back on the Fall 2020 semester, I recognize that this has been one of the most challenging semesters that I have had as an educator. Navigating and juggling remote classes for 200 students has been a unique experience. I know my fellow educators in COSSPP have felt the weight of the many different obstacles that we all faced this semester (juggling work/life balance, caring for family members, keeping up with research and service expectations, etc.) all in the context of an ongoing public health crisis and while providing excellent instruction to our students.

Creativity and flexibility are what I am focusing on as I prepare my classes for the Spring 2021 semester. Being mindful that my students are experiencing distance learning in different ways, provides for a richer classroom experience! Providing assignments such as photo essays, podcasts, diary reflections, and discussion assignments will allow my students to excel along with creative expression and learning development.

Finally, support is how we will get through these uncertain times. The COSSPP community is one that is built on support and with this foundation I know we can finish out the Spring 2021 semester stronger than ever.

Dr. Roach is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and is Specialized Teaching Faculty at Florida State University. You can learn more about Dr. Roach here.

The feature image is from Pexels.

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