Where Are They Now? Meet COSSPP Alum Jacob Cyrus

What is your degree and graduation year?

I graduated in Spring 2021 with a BA in International Affairs.

What have you been up to since you graduated?

I’ve been awaiting entering active duty into the Air Force, where I’ll be working as a Special Agent in the Office of Special Investigations. For now, I’ve just been working as a server at a local Italian restaurant (Vitaliano) in Crestview, Florida. 

How did your degree in social science help inform your path?

Mainly, my Intl. Affairs degree enabled me to commission into the Air Force, but it also inspired me to pursue another degree in Russian. I hope to use these degrees to protect AF personnel and assets against our adversaries, namely our second largest one, Russia. It also inspired my later dream in life (after I work for the AF) to work with some kind of NGO or international non-profit. 

What is your favorite memory or spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the ROTC detachment building. That’s where I met my closest friends and really grew as an individual, student, and a leader. 

Source for featured image: https://honors.fsu.edu/student-recognition/outstanding-senior-scholars

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