Where Are They Now? Meet COSSPP Alum Guerothlyn Saint-Jean

What have you been up to since you graduated? (Applying to/attending graduate school, working a job, etc.)

I graduated with a B.S. in Public Health in Spring 2021. Since I have graduated from FSU, there are several opportunities I have been participating in. I currently serve as a volunteer with AmeriCorps and Big Bend. This role has included providing companionship at home visits with clients, being a sitter patient care for hospice, and screening and greeting visitors for COVID. I also work full-time as a certified clinical medical assistant at FSU Primary Health. This has included taking vitals, administrating vaccines, point of care tests, and administrative duties. The last experiential opportunity I have recently participated in was conducting research as a 2021 Florida Alliance for Health Professions Diversity (FAHPD) Health Equity Research Institute (HERI) Scholar, sponsored by the FAHPD-HERI, an organization which has as its mission to increase the diversity of health professionals and researchers, reduce racial and ethnic health disparities, and promote access to quality health care for Floridians. I was one of only eleven (11) selected in the state of Florida for 2021. My research was about the years per lives lost (YPLL) among African Americans compared to Caucasians that have hypertensive-related outcomes like strokes and heart attacks and comparing them among all the counties in Florida and determining the cause among those rates. 

How did your degree in social science help inform your path?

 My degree in social science has been a huge contributing factor in informing my path. My degree in public health has given me the opportunity to understanding the importance of the social determinants of health like race, gender, and socioeconomic status and how it plays a role in the access to healthcare. With that being said, it has motivated to purse a higher education in Public Health by obtaining my master’s. 

What is your favorite memory or spot on campus?

My favorite memory has been making friends at Florida State University through the Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement department that I know will last me a lifetime.

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