Graduate Student Spotlight: Kwabena Fletcher from the Department of Political Science

What department are you a graduate student in?  

I am a first-year student at the department of Political Science.

Why did you decide to go to graduate school? 

I decided to pursue graduate studies because I thought it will increase my chances of getting a good job in a highly competitive world.

Did your interests change throughout your program? 

No, my interests have not changed. However, I have picked up new interests along the way. These days I find political behaviour interesting and it a research domain I would be interested in exploring.

What do you want to do with your advanced degree?

My goal is to influence policy in Ghana, and an advance degree will place me strategically to do that. I want to work for a Think Tank or a Political Foundation because they directly and indirectly influence policy in my country Ghana. 

Kwabena Fletcher | Political Science

Kwabena Fletcher is a Ph.D. student in the FSU Department of Political Science. He studies comparative politics, with a focus on democratic support. You can learn more about Kwabena here.

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