Meet Social Science Scholar Steven Londono

Never in my academic experience would I have even imagined having the distinct privilege of interning with a prominent political figure. Not only that, but a notable figure that represent the people of a state that I have grown to call home. The office of U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy is determined in representing the people of District 7 which encompasses the northern region of Central Florida. She serves in a number of committees in congress such being a member of the Ways and Means Committee, which encompasses federal programs revolving around health and social security as well as being a member of the Armed Services Committee to name a few. 

This summer I was able to participate in a number of activities with her team in Orlando. Besides contributing in keeping accountability of locally elected officials within District 7, I was able to attend a variety of enlightening events during my summer with the office. In light of the pandemic and the impactful debate it brought along with it, I was able to attend important school board meetings that debated topics such as mask mandates in schools within the district. I also had the incredible pleasure of offering my insight in advisory councils such as the youth advisory council as well as witnessing the environmental advisory council and the veteran advisory council.

This experience was particularly fascinating to me as it introduced me to the political realm. I was also able to connect with the community I grew up in. I was able to see firsthand how impactful legislation truly is to our communities. Specifically, within local politics, I had a front row seat to view how leadership can impact a number of projects within an area. In a time where politics can seem to be stagnant in its progress, my experience with Congresswoman Murphy instilled my hope in politics once again.

Professors Mayo and Taylor not only shared their guidance but allowed for a free medium of communication in regard to advice and opinion. As an Army ROTC cadet, I found this experience to also be impactful in choosing my desired military career path. My exposure to these opportunities has forged my desired career path to revolve around the fields of Intelligence and International Law. I am also grateful for the meaningful connections I have made with like-minded individuals within my college through the Social Science Scholars Program. My fellow scholars and I have been able to share great ideas with each other, something that is priceless to me and my experience not only this past summer but during my time here at FSU.

Steven is a second-year student from Orange Park. He is earning a dual degree in international affairs and economics with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. He serves as leadership chair for the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy’s Student Leadership Council. In that role he facilitates communication between students and the dean of the college. Steven also is a cadet in FSU’s Army ROTC program. Upon graduation he will be commissioned a second lieutenant. After attending the Raffles World Academy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Steven was inspired to continue studying Middle Eastern languages and cultures. He now works for peace and security in the Middle East and for an end of Islamophobia in the West. He hopes to attend AMIDEAST’s intensive course in Amman, Jordan, next summer to deepen his understanding of the Arabic language and culture.

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