Meet Social Science Scholar Rawan Abhari

This past summer, I was able to delve into my career interests that are intersectional in nature. Taking summer classes about Arab civilization and Greek history, participating in an undergraduate intensive law program, traveling abroad to Jordan, and conducting climate change research all culminated in the journey to my hopeful career as an international public lawyer with a masters in economics. My classes allowed me to delve further into the history and the reality I experience in my personal culture. These lessons culminated in my trip to Jordan. FSU Law’s Summer for Undergraduates Program (SUG)  allowed me to further delve into my law school preparatory track. Finally, getting to research climate effects on developing nations was a perfect puzzle piece for my career path to pursue a  joint JD and MA in economics. I seek these degrees in order to utilize my economic expertise with my law degree to engage in international climate crisis negotiations and deal-making.

Seeing my family after 15 years was the peak experience of the summer nearly matched by the further exposure I got to the legal career from the SUG program. Going back to Jordan allowed me to be immersed in a culture I always sought to represent and defend, but never got to fully live. Understanding the perspective Jordanians and how that intersects with the Palestinian identity meant so much to me. In addition, I got to see the areas and the home my mother grew up in. Before traveling to Jordan, the SUG program immersed me into a level of legal knowledge I did not think I would get until I entered the doors of my future law school.

Rawan is a second-year student majoring in economics and Middle Eastern studies with a minor in African American studies. She is currently a legislative intern at the Florida Capitol and is involved in numerous campus organizations, including Student Government, Power of WE, the President’s Anti-Racism Task Force, PeaceJam, Office of Governmental Affairs and the Student Foundation. She also is a member of the Garnet and Gold and Renegade honor societies. Rawan is committed to mobilizing students across identity and community lines to advocate for progressive and equitable university policies. Following graduation, she intends to earn graduate degrees in law and economics and to engage in climate change negotiations and policy making at the international level.

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