Graduate Student Spotlight: Harry Hewson from the Department of Economics

What department are you a graduate student in? 

I am currently in the Master’s of Science in Applied Economics Program. I will graduate in July.

Why did you decide to go to graduate school? 

After getting my BA from the University of Miami (sigh, I know, I know) in Economics and Political Science in May of 2020, I realized that I was looking at jobs that required more technical know-how than I currently had. By attending the MSAE at FSU, I could bridge the gap between my writing background and the job market. Plus, being in state and only one year was a big plus.

Did your interests change throughout your program?

My interests did change. Originally, I was looking at the Federal Reserve and joining the government. However, after talking with many private industry professionals and looking around at other companies, I broadened my job search to include my hobby of making music, so I began looking at entertainment companies like Sony, Universal, and Disney.

What do you want to do with your advanced degree?

After I graduate, I hope to be an analyst of some kind for ideally an entertainment company, however I first need experience to do that, so for now I will keep looking for a job wherever.

Harry Hewson is a Master’s student in the Department of Economics at FSU.

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