Research Quick Take

Here at the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy (COSSPP), our faculty have been quite busy! Here are some of the projects that our faculty have recently published.

“Using social security number to identify sub-populations vulnerable to the health impacts from extreme heat in Florida, U.S.” by Dr. Christopher Uejio

In his recent article, Dr. Uejio examines the relationship between being lower socioeconomic status and higher risk of extreme heat illness. To do so, he uses having no social security number as a proxy for low socioeconomic status. He finds that Floridians who reported no social security number experienced higher rates of cardiovascular disease and dehydration.

“Multidimensional Publicness and Collaboration for Community Benefits: The Case of U.S. Hospitals” by Dr. Keon-Hyung Lee

In his recent article, Dr. Lee examines how three publicness dimensions (regulative, normative, and cultural publicness) affect organizations’ collaborative activities for community benefits. Using data from the 2009 American Hospital Association survey, he shows that all three dimensions are positively associated with hospitals’ collaboration for community benefits.

“Land Preservation Under the Transfer of Development Rights Program” by Dr. Kerry Fang

In her recent article, Dr. Fang examines how development patterns evolve under development rights (TDR) plans — programs that promise to conserve land in its current use by allowing landowners to sell development rights on their parcels. Using Montgomery County (MD) as an example, she finds a clear effect of the program on encouraging agricultural land and forest preservation. However, scattered development patterns have also emerged in the TDR sending area. The TDR program showed promising effects on preserving agricultural land and forest but also insufficiency in advancing desirable development patterns and ensuring permanent conservation.

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