Grad Student Spotlight: Devon Coates from the Department of Public Health

What department are you a graduate student in?

I am a graduate student in the Master of Public Health Program.

Why did you decide to go to graduate school? 

If I am being honest, I decided to go to graduate school because I am very competitive and I believe having a master’s degree would differentiate me from other people. I also believed that if I did not go immediately after undergrad, I may never go. Due to COVID-19, the GRE was waived, so this also played a part as well. The timing seemed perfect, and I saw an opportunity that I did not want to pass up.

Did your interests change throughout your program? 

So far, I am only at the beginning of my second semester, so I would say that my interests have not yet swayed very much.

What do you want to do with your advanced degree?

With my advanced degree, I would like to become an administrator or higher-level management of an assisted living facility. The need for this is immense due to the increasing number of elderly population in the United States. My undergraduate degree is in long-term care management, so I’d like to get back to the career route once I am finished with graduate school.

Devon Coates is a Masters student in the FSU Department of Public Health.

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