Undergraduate Spotlight: Tatyana LaCourse from the Department of International Affairs

What is your major and why did you choose it?

I am an International Affairs and Political Science double major. I decided to major in these two fields because I am very interested in what goes on politically, across the world. I entered my studies hoping that in my future career, I could make a difference on a global scale and be a part of a team that promotes peace and prosperity for all. 

What do you want to do with your major after graduation?

As of right now, I am thinking of entering law school after graduation. If I go along that route, I would like to still do something on an international level, possibly international law. If I decide I do not want to be an attorney, I will consider a career as a foreign affairs analyst. Looking at data from the past and present to predict the future really intrigues me, and I think that this job would always keep me on my toes.

What is your favorite thing about being a COSSPP student?

I absolutely love the variety of classes that COSSPP students can take. As International Affairs is my main major, I have a lot of freedom with choosing my classes because the major is comprised of many different fields. I was able to add Political Science as a second major because of this freedom and can take even more of these classes that I find to be very interesting.

Tatyana LaCourse is a COSSPP student majoring in International Affairs.

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