Undergraduate Spotlight: Kayla Mathai from the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

What is your major and why did you choose it?

My major is Interdisciplinary Social Science, with a concentration in Law and Society. Initially, I was a political science major. But I wanted to learn more about the social sciences instead of focusing on just one aspect. So, I decided to change my major in a way that would allow me to gain knowledge on the social sciences but also prepare me with an interdisciplinary skill set for the real world. In this major, I am also able to choose a primary and secondary concentration. My primary being law and society, where I am able to prepare myself for law school and jobs in the legal sector, and my secondary being political science. 

What do you want to do with your major after graduation?

After graduation I plan to take a gap year, either to get a job, research experience or to travel and learn more about what the world has to offer. Also, during my gap year, I will be applying to law school so that I can enroll the following fall. Although I am not sure where I want to go to law school or exactly what type of law I want to pursue, this is my plan for after graduation. 

What is your favorite thing about being a COSSPP student?

My favorite thing about being a COSSPP student is the innovative and dynamic coursework I am able to expose myself to. I love learning about the different institutions in society and how they interact. I also love learning about the shortcomings of our political, social, or economic systems and the different approaches available to social scientists. Being a COSSPP student allows me to advance my understanding of the world and in the future, challenge unjust and inefficient systems. 

Kaylah Mathai is a COSSPP student majoring in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.

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