Research Award Spotlight: COSSPP Grad One of Three FSU Fulbright Winners

A graduate of the college is one of three FSU grads to receive research scholarships through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.   Beatrice Dain joins Michael Rivera and Marah Litchfield as one of the recent grads for whom the Fulbright awards will provide funding for each recipient to conduct research projects abroad this upcoming year.  Dain will be working toward her…

Social Science Scholar: Power of We and Independent Research

Due to COVID-19, my summer plans did not necessarily turn out the way I had initially intended. I had planned on helping my organization, Power of We, transition to a new director, finishing up my research, and interning. However, I was not able to do an internship due to to unforeseen complications brought by the…

Florida State University’s Social Equity Lab

The Social Equity Lab is Florida State University’s new avenue for social change. The Lab will serve as a forum to meet bimonthly to engage in discussions of issues, developing project proposals, sharing presentations and critiques, and bringing together faculty and students who care about social justice and hold diverse perspectives from different disciplines about…

Social Science Scholar: Research on Human Trafficking in France and Sweden

The information gleaned from these interviews will be used as I continue to write my Honors Thesis, informing my analysis of the impact of the model as it pertains to social norms, prostitution, and human trafficking. This research also serves as a springboard for my postgraduate studies and career in human rights and development. Following my pursuit of a master’s in development studies, I hope to analyze the economic and social incentives that perpetuate human rights violations, such as human trafficking, in order to implement effective development policies that ensure basic human rights.

Bali Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Immersion ~ Summer 2018

Change will only come when we decide to take the first step. As social innovators, we must be bold enough to believe in the future we hope to create yet be humble enough to understand that most change happens slowly and, as such, we must remain steadfast. Complex social issues defy simple, straightforward solutions; they demand a deep understanding, our best ideas, a willingness to collaborate, and a long-term commitment. The Bali Immersion experience added an entirely unique and comprehensive layer to my undergraduate education, and I cannot imagine my time at Florida State without it.

A Core COSSPP Value: Diversity

This brings me around to describing the two major thrusts of what I consider the college’s commitment to Diversity – People and Ideas. A college with a diverse population that holds a shared worldview is a failure. Similarly, a college with a diversity of ideas, but little demographic diversity is also a failure. Society is complex, messy, and contested; a lack of diversity of people or ideas will leave our students unprepared for the real world.