How a Reddit Forum Caught “Trump Fever”

To Red Pill users, Hillary Clinton would supposedly wage a “war on men,” so who better to stop this war than a man who bragged about the size of his genitalia during a political debate? When forum leaders cast Hillary as a dire threat to the Red Pill community, users responded by rallying around her enemy, casting aside years of reticence to participate in the political system.

Is State Preemption of City Powers Desirable?

So preemption is “good” if you agree with the legislature, but it is not if you disagree. This ignores the implications of preemption for democratic governance. We often view local decision making as the ideal. Local governments are closest to home and represent local decisions most clearly.

It’s Hard to Know If The Proposed 401(k) Tax Rule Will Hurt or Benefit Savers

All that said, it’s difficult to know whether we will be worse off on average if Congress eliminates the current 401(k) tax benefit, since any cost-benefit analysis depends on largely unknown future tax rates. Moreover, this is just a small part of a broader plan we haven’t seen yet, and so it’s best to withhold judgement until we can make a fair comparison between a final plan and current tax policy.

Solving Wicked Problems through Evidence-Based Governance

Instead of seeking “silver bullets,” we need a “golden path” that uses the research evidence and analytical techniques developed by academics to help government make better policy, budget, and management choices.

A ‘Third Space’ Opens Arena for Community Dialogue

In this guest column, we embrace the other function, namely that nonprofits serve as a venue for people who share particular community values to gather and jointly articulate those values. For us to understand this expressive function, we first need to unpack our taken-for-granted labels for these organizations. Why, for example, do we name these organizations for what they are not – nonprofit or nongovernmental – rather than what they are or what they do?

FSU’s Pepper Institute, Center, and Foundation Celebrate Senator Claude Pepper’s Legacy

Claude Pepper was the most effective advocate for older Americans that our nation has ever seen.  He not only created social programs. He drew our nation’s awareness to the moral imperative of collectively addressing the needs of its oldest members.

Experiential Social Entrepreneurship Program Pioneers Solutions that Assist and Empower Hundreds

In a nutshell, social entrepreneurship is the application of enterprise thinking and applications to solving social problems. Social enterprises vary in size and scope, ranging from the for-profit multinational Newman’s Own food company, which generates $600 million in sales annually, to local coffee shops such as Tallahassee’s non-profit Red-Eye Coffee.

We Fled Death Threats in Colombia

Telling my story is never easy. Each time, I am thrown back into the darkest period of my life; the fear, uncertainty, and sense of hopelessness prevail again. Our lives are at stake. The anxiety that comes with having no control over our futures can be too much to handle, yet we wake up every morning and contribute to our communities as teachers, engineers, doctors and students.

Learn More about the International Association of Emergency Managers Student Chapter at FSU!

Students got a first-hand look at disaster response in a real-world event. This was not only a great experience for us, but it also allowed professionals to meet students from FSU, and see that FSU students were able to get the job done in a high-stress environment.

FSU Students in the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program Lend a Hand During Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

The small drones, or unmanned aerial systems team, had only just returned from Texas where they were mapping Houston after Hurricane Harvey.