Student Loan Debt and Motherhood: Are There Variations By Race?

The burgeoning trend in educational debt also affects more intimate decisions, like whether or not to marry or have children. Moreover, the downstream consequences of borrowing for college will look different for those who are at the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, and economic class.

Could the Flint Water Crisis Happen in Tallahassee?

The water problems in Flint were not the result of a few missteps; instead, Flint’s current fight for safe and affordable water is the product of long-term benign neglect of the space and the residents.

‘The Post’ Makes the Case for a Free and Independent Press

Today, few doubt the newspaper’s independence, or willingness to go after what it believes is corrupt activity, even as the Trump administration routinely assaults and trivializes the press with flippant charges of “fake news” and restrictions on access to the White House spin. In this climate, “The Post” makes the case for adhering to James Madison’s prescient observations about the importance of a free and independent press even more timely and relevant.

Newspaper Endorsements Do Matter – At Least for Ballot Measures

Those seeking information will respond to information provided by newspapers as one of the only (if not the only) source of guidance on ballot measures. This is especially important in mid-term elections where casual voters often stay home. Our next election—2018—is slated to have a number of constitutional amendments on the ballot, including a measure to allow some former felons to vote in our elections.

Representation and the Oscars: The Conversation Is Just Beginning

ilms such as Moonlight, Hidden Figures and Get Out have demonstrated that stories centering people of color can have broad appeal and commercial success. With the 2018 nominees, the Motion Picture Academy has taken positive steps toward representing people of color and their stories. However, only time will tell whether or not the Oscars will continue it’s push for inclusion and diversity.

The Pro-Capitalist Message Of The Classic Movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Free-market advocates would do well to revisit Frank Capra’s classic movie through a new lens that focuses on its underlying free market message. While the pro-capitalist theme may not have been intended by Capra, or the screenwriters, the message is clear in the design of the plot, the development of the characters, and the economic setting of the screenplay. The fact it continues to rank high on audience and critics’ list of favorites bodes well for using popular media to trigger important discussions about the value of free competition, sound ethics, and the potential dangers of regulation to reduce industry competitiveness through the influence of well-connected private interests. 

Pre-emption of Local Governments is Going Too Far

Corcoran claims the Legislature is better able to represent public opinion because it has 120 members versus the handful on most city councils. That's a unique view of representation, but given that he's the speaker and, as the saying goes, is in “the catbird seat," we may need to start asking for local policy directly from our state Legislature.

Like All Black Lives, All Black History Matters

It’s important to remember that Black history is more than just slavery, Jim Crow, and reconstruction. Black history started way before the slave trade began, and it’s being made everyday by Black people of all ethnicities, skin tones, genders, and sexualities. Make the effort to explore it all, because like all Black lives, all Black history matters.

A Core COSSPP Value: Evidence-Based Decision Making

Disciplines in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy promote critical thinking, analytical methods, and empirical skills as the path to understanding the key political, social, and economic issues that dominate our public discussions.