Women Can’t Win: Ongoing Offensives against Maternal and Reproductive Health

How can we best navigate a political climate that is hostile to maternity care but that simultaneously tends to define women by their maternal capacity? 

Republicans Rally to Restrict Women’s Rights

Given these harsh, political realities, Republicans needed a common cause, an issue around which they could unite. Restricting women’s access to abortion and birth control is that issue.

The Resegregation of Florida Schools

White middle-class student enrollment is especially important. Traditionally those students have access to challenging classes, peer groups and strong support systems. Those resources directly affect the quality of education and impact on success in college and in a career, and students of other races and economic classes are equally deserving of such resources.

Fighting Food Insecurity on Capitol Hill

I am so grateful for all that I learned through working with Congressman Lawson. I was truly able to immerse myself in the governmental process this summer. I believe that the skills and connections I made will serve as a springboard for more unique opportunities in the future. This summer I interned at the House …

Florida’s Business Climate Can Help Tampa Land Amazon’s HQ2

But Tampa’s real advantages are at the state level. Amazon has stated that it prefers a stable and business-friendly environment, and Florida performs well on measures of state economic freedom, state business tax climate, and state fiscal health.

My summer working to promote an economically viable and ecologically sound Vermont food system

My time at NOFA-VT furthered my passion for food system activism and left me incredibly excited to continue to fight for food system change. I now feel confident and prepared to embark on my journey toward a graduate degree and career in food and agricultural policy. ​The Social Science Scholars program allowed me to spend …

The Intersection Between Gender, Religion, and Instagram

I will continue to study the intersection between Christianity and gender, with a focus on masculinity. I am curious to learn how gender and religious identities interact and are articulated through Instagram. The Instagram app first came out when I was in high school, and quickly gained momentum among my peers and acquaintances, becoming one …

A summer working within a community through CREAR, a non-profit in Costa Rica

At the end of my summer, I was most struck by how much speaking English can make a difference in a family’s income. I wasn’t just serving as a cultural ambassador. I was aiding in families’ economic empowerment. My experience in the Social Science Scholars Program has made me want to continue teaching English abroad. …