Ph.D. Spotlight: Networks and Economic Behavior: Theory and Experiments

We live in a highly connected world and individuals rarely, if ever, make decisions in complete isolation. Rather, our decisions and subsequent outcomes are often influenced by the decisions of others around us. Social, economic, and organizational networks are complex, and, therefore, it is important to understand how the structure of these networks influences behavior….

Relief Packages Needed to Prevent Hundreds of Thousands Falling into Poverty

This post first appeared on Tallahassee Democrat. The Senate began its month-long recess on August 13 without a completed deal on legislation that could help the millions of Americans still struggling with the economic effects of the pandemic. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida’s unemployment rate was 11.3% in July, more than four…

From the Dean’s Desk: What a Remarkable 2019!

It’s important to note just how fundamental COSSPP is to FSU’s success. As the third largest college on campus (by number of students), displaying the demographic and intellectual diversity that is a signature of the FSU experience, the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy is a key element of this rise up the rankings. Over the course of the calendar year, COSSPP will graduate another 1,700+ students, producing 1 in every 6 degrees granted by FSU. Unlike many programs that cap their enrollments or limit their majors, COSSPP’s programs serve all students, and we are a key part of the parity in university graduation rates regardless of race, gender, and background.