Wicked Webinar: Neighborhoods First: Community Action for Equitable City Planning

The post is based on a webinar sponsored by the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State University. A Wicked Webinar panel discussion on community engagement, moderated by Dr. Tisha Holmes (FSU Department of Urban and Regional Planning) and leaders from the Providence Neighborhood Association (PNA). Community-based action research is working at the local…

Green New Deal’s Plan For Planes, Trains, And Automobiles Won’t Work

Economic forces are working against the Green New Deal’s infrastructure plan and its supporters don’t seem to understand this. Smaller local initiatives, such as reforming land-use regulations to encourage more density, the elimination of parking requirements and free parking, and congestion taxes, would reduce driving and carbon emissions and can be tailored to individual communities in a way that grandiose national plans can’t.

Lessons From Amazon’s Decision To Cancel New York City Headquarters

It’s easy for politicians to demonize rich corporate executives and demand they fund solutions. Most of us aren’t rich and thus won’t have to chip in, making for an easy sell. But a lack of money is often not the biggest problem, and solutions that ask more people to contribute force public officials to maintain some fiscal discipline.