The K-12 Wage Gap in Florida: Economic Implications and Future Outlook

This post first appeared on the Devoe L. Moore Center blog. K-12 teachers in the United States are tackling a long-term battle with low salary growth rates. According to the data from the Employment Policy Institute, teachers are paid lower relative to similarly situated professional workers.  While the average worker’s salary in Florida has steadily increased over…

We Shouldn’t Stop Gentrification, But We Can Make It Less Painful

Change doesn’t always benefit everyone affected by it, and it’s understandable that cities want to help residents who are struggling with the changes caused by the recent urban revival. But change is part of growth, and helping people adapt to redevelopment is a better approach than stifling it.

A Radical Approach to FSU’s Parking Problem

Market pricing for parking is no longer the pie-in-sky theory of economics textbooks. The technology exists to charge for parking on a real-time basis. Harnessing this technology to manage supply and demand more effectively will ensure that parking exists at peak periods for those willing to pay for accessibility, while creating a sustainable revenue stream for transportation facilities.