Honors Thesis Spotlight: Partner or Pariah? How Federal Immigration Gridlock Influences State Immigration Policy

Since its inception, the United States Constitution’s textual command for Congress to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” has served as a formal, yet at times ambiguous, standard for immigration policy. Although the federal government is explicitly tasked with addressing who can become U.S. citizens, the proper scope of state involvement in immigration policy has remained…

How Liberal College Students Learn The Downsides Of A $15 Minimum Wage

This piece first appeared on Townhall Finance. My social entrepreneurship students are confronted with an unpleasant but hard reality toward the end of their semester. Helping the most vulnerable populations, they find, often means abandoning the naive simplicity behind the $15 minimum wage. In fact, the concept of a “living wage” becomes an abstraction with…

Ph.D. Spotlight: On Geography, Institutions, Human Capital, and Economic Development.

Dr. Montesinos-Yufa’s dissertation takes a look at the three main hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the fundamental causes of growth and economic development. Chapter 2 of this dissertation explores the hypothesis that geographic conditions associated with climate and time impact development advisedly, and how this impact, if any, may have changed over time….

Social Science Scholar: Asociacion CREAR, ESL Assistant

My experience with Asociacion CREAR has allowed me to see the important role of offering services to others that may help people achieve upward mobility. With the skills learned from Asociacion CREAR I am confident that I can work alongside other communities in Latin America through the Foreign Service or any NGO in their communities. This opportunity would have not been possible for me without the Social Science Scholars program and I am incredibly grateful for those that facilitated this experience.

New Abortion Laws Contribute to Sexist Environments that Harm Everyone’s Health

This piece first appeared in The Conversation. Nine states have passed laws in 2019 alone that restrict abortion at the earliest stages of pregnancy. Those of us who study public health are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential for negative health consequences of these kinds of policies on women. That’s because research has shown that laws limiting reproductive rights and services…

Rethinking Economic Development Policy: The Emergence of Challenges in the Modern Era

What lies ahead for the design of policies intended to promote economic development, particularly among low-income countries? The traditional goal of encouraging the development of appropriate public fundamentals, to include modern infrastructure, enlightened institutions, and human capital formation are as essential as ever. However, they cannot, of themselves, be counted on to gain the needed foreign direct investment in physical capital that is critical for industrialization to take place.

Bali Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Immersion ~ Summer 2018

Change will only come when we decide to take the first step. As social innovators, we must be bold enough to believe in the future we hope to create yet be humble enough to understand that most change happens slowly and, as such, we must remain steadfast. Complex social issues defy simple, straightforward solutions; they demand a deep understanding, our best ideas, a willingness to collaborate, and a long-term commitment. The Bali Immersion experience added an entirely unique and comprehensive layer to my undergraduate education, and I cannot imagine my time at Florida State without it.

City Competition and Economic Growth

But many of the things cities typically do to compete aren’t very effective. While efforts to generate urban development in America’s cities take a variety of forms, many focus on building or renovating things. City officials try to outdo one another by creating the fanciest stadium, downtown park, or convention center with the hope that such investments will spark an urban renewal. However, there is little evidence that these types of projects can turn cities around on their own.

Florida’s Business Climate Can Help Tampa Land Amazon’s HQ2

But Tampa’s real advantages are at the state level. Amazon has stated that it prefers a stable and business-friendly environment, and Florida performs well on measures of state economic freedom, state business tax climate, and state fiscal health.