Research Spotlight: Lead Poisoning Prevention Efforts in High-Risk Environments

Plenty of parents in the post-COVID-19 world are struggling with the prospects of reopening schools amid the virus surge.  Many parents feel overwhelmed by concerns about the untested efficacy of planned safety measures within brick and mortar schools and are awestruck by the gaping holes in proposed distance learning curricula.  It is difficult for parents,…

Are E-Scooter Services Good for Cities?

In short, we don’t have enough information to make a judgement on whether e-scooters make a net positive contribution to the Tallahassee community (or other similar places). Hopefully, the city of Tallahassee can use their current pilot program to carefully evaluate the safety and management issues and develop an understanding of who is using the scooter services and whether it is leading to a reduction in auto use.

Social Science Scholar: National Parks in Kyrgyzstan and the U.S.

I am incredibly grateful to the Social Science Scholars program for both the generous funding and the leadership training, which will benefit me throughout my life. My project was immensely valuable to my personal, educational, and professional experience. I am now well-versed in how I can combine my prior experience in public diplomacy and languages with environmental conservation, something I am extremely passionate about.