Lionfish Epidemic and Its Repercussions for Florida

Over the past thirty years, an invasive species colloquially known as the lionfish has infested coasts across the Gulf of Mexico. Originally native to the Red Sea and Indo-Pacific region, several varieties of this species now populate the coastal waters of Florida and the Caribbean. Though still under review, evidence points to the pet trade as a…

Halloween Screams Prosperity

As consumers purchase candy, costumes, and pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween can be a time to reflect on traditions and prosperity.

DeSantis’ Coronavirus Leadership Reflects the Prudence Florida Needs Overall

This piece first appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat. Six months into America’s COVID-19 crisis and, remarkably, the virus continues to confound experts. Nevertheless, Gov. DeSantis continues to be attacked as if the best approaches are obvious and clear. In fact, DeSantis, like his peers in other states, is being forced to make severe policy trade-offs…

The Covid-19 Pandemic Shows the Power and Limits of American Federalism.

This post first appeared on The LSE US Centre’s daily blog on American Politics and Policy American federalism allows different responses to policy challenges, and the nation’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic is no exception. When looking at any sort of crisis, the chief executive of a state or municipality is often the leader in…

Research Spotlight: Citizen Engagement and Municipal Marketing in the Sunshine State

Florida cities have yet to fully realize the usefulness of marketing as a strategic tool for achieving municipal goals, but the future is promising. Cities realize the necessity of marketing and branding efforts. In the near future we may be bombarded with more branded images as cities continue to experiment with marketing activities. Strategically, cities should use these marketing efforts to keep us engaged as citizens and connected with our local government in order to achieve their own goals.

Policy Pub: Generosity in Hurricane Michael’s Wake

Hurricane Michael hit Florida’s Gulf Coast in October of 2018 as a category five hurricane. The storm leveled communities to the West of Tallahassee, damaging homes, displacing residents, crippling some industries, and leaving piles of debris behind. In its wake, I set off to study how civil society – nonprofits, religious organizations, and less organized…

Social Science Scholar: Florida Housing Coalition

I am truly grateful for the opportunities that the College’s Social Science Scholars Program has been able to provide me with. The Social Science Scholars Program gave me a supportive network of students, both in my own class and from past cohorts, who I could talk to on a range of issues from involvement on campus to pursuing an undergraduate honors thesis. Not only has this program provided me with the opportunity to further myself both personally and professionally through gaining real world experience in data analytics, but without the Social Science Scholars program, I would certainly not have found myself in an internship that allowed me to apply concepts I learned in the classroom at Florida State to a meaningful cause where I could help further affordable housing advocacy in my community.