Honors Thesis Spotlight: Partner or Pariah? How Federal Immigration Gridlock Influences State Immigration Policy

Since its inception, the United States Constitution’s textual command for Congress to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” has served as a formal, yet at times ambiguous, standard for immigration policy. Although the federal government is explicitly tasked with addressing who can become U.S. citizens, the proper scope of state involvement in immigration policy has remained…

Higher State And Local Minimum Wages May Be Hurting Teen Employment

It’s understandable that voters and officials are concerned about low-income workers and their families, but minimum wage increases have costs as well as benefits. One of these costs appears to be lower teenage employment, and most of these cities already have below-average teenage employment rates.

Immigrants Fitting In: Challenging the All-Or-Nothing View of Acculturation

But when you move half-way around the world to start a new life in a strange foreign land, this process of trying to fit in is called acculturation. Researchers who studied the last great wave of immigrants to America, writing two or three generations ago in the mid-20th century, tended to give an either-or answer to this question. You could be either German or American. You could be either Chinese or American. We often assumed that becoming an American meant giving up on being German or Chinese.

DREAMers Essential to American Success Story

This piece originally appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat. When people talk about immigration, I hear the same idea over and over: “Get in line and wait your turn.” As an immigrant myself, I can tell you that line doesn’t exist for everyone. So as Congress works toward its priorities through the end of this year, I ask…

We Fled Death Threats in Colombia

Telling my story is never easy. Each time, I am thrown back into the darkest period of my life; the fear, uncertainty, and sense of hopelessness prevail again. Our lives are at stake. The anxiety that comes with having no control over our futures can be too much to handle, yet we wake up every morning and contribute to our communities as teachers, engineers, doctors and students.