Honors Thesis Spotlight: Analyzing Labor Market Outcomes in the Integration of Florida’s Refugee Benefit-Eligible Individuals

“Immigrants’ ability to communicate with members of the indigenous population is probably the most important single alterable factor contributing to their social and economic integration.” In the case of the United States, the rapidly shifting composition of the immigrant population from countries that are sociolinguistically distant from the U.S. combined with the post-industrial economy’s increasing demand for skilled employees…

What Does Fixing Social Security Mean?

Fixing Social Security is not rocket science.  There is money available to fix it.  Consider the $1.3 trillion of annual tax expenditures that are made each year.  While some of these benefit low income households, it is estimated that over half benefit higher income households.  Annual expenditures on Social Security are about $946 billion, so taking a knife to tax expenditures that favor the wealthy has promise.