Opting-In: Women as Agents of Their Own Subordination.

Fringe male supremacy groups have increasingly gained mainstream notoriety in recent years. From being tackled by major new sources to being tweeted about by Elon Musk, many of these groups no longer live in the shrouded corners of the internet. Male supremacy movements are garnering increasing popularity online and gaining more support than ever, however,…

From the Classroom: Engaging Statistics Students Who (Think They) Hate Math

Frankly speaking, most students don’t want to take math classes. I’m sure most of my students can recall vowing to never take another math class again after their Algebra 2 finals in high school. Imagine their disappointment when they learned that my Social Statistics course was a requirement needed to earn their undergraduate sociology degree….

Representation and the Oscars: The Conversation Is Just Beginning

ilms such as Moonlight, Hidden Figures and Get Out have demonstrated that stories centering people of color can have broad appeal and commercial success. With the 2018 nominees, the Motion Picture Academy has taken positive steps toward representing people of color and their stories. However, only time will tell whether or not the Oscars will continue it’s push for inclusion and diversity.