Tallahassee Should Not Boost Minimum Wage Quicker than State Mandate

This post first appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat. The consequences for local governments from implementing Florida’s constitutionally mandated $15 minimum wage are now being felt at the local levels. But if the budgetary direction and logic unfolding in Tallahassee is any indication, Florida taxpayers are on a rough road. The constitutional amendment requires local governments…

How Liberal College Students Learn The Downsides Of A $15 Minimum Wage

This piece first appeared on Townhall Finance. My social entrepreneurship students are confronted with an unpleasant but hard reality toward the end of their semester. Helping the most vulnerable populations, they find, often means abandoning the naive simplicity behind the $15 minimum wage. In fact, the concept of a “living wage” becomes an abstraction with…

How The Minimum Wage Hurts Entire Neighborhoods

This piece first appeared on Forbes.com. There is a lot of debate around the minimum wage. Some see it as a fairly straightforward way to help low-income workers. Others emphasize the negative effect it has on employment. Fewer employment opportunities are bad in their own right, but the harmful effects of minimum wage increases are likely spilling…

New Minimum Wage Plan Still Flawed

Minimum wage plans that consider local economic conditions are better than those that don’t, but they still make it difficult for the lowest-skilled workers to find jobs. We also shouldn’t be so quick to adjust federal policies just because some places are expensive, since being expensive is a signal that an area has desirable qualities people value.

Higher State And Local Minimum Wages May Be Hurting Teen Employment

It’s understandable that voters and officials are concerned about low-income workers and their families, but minimum wage increases have costs as well as benefits. One of these costs appears to be lower teenage employment, and most of these cities already have below-average teenage employment rates.