Income Tax Withholding and Government Growth

Prior to World War II most Americans paid no income tax. The standard deduction was high enough that people who had factory or office jobs didn’t earn enough income to owe any income tax. That changed when the standard deduction was lowered in 1940 (and again in 1941 and 1942) to raise revenues to finance…

Ph.D. Spotlight: Networks and Economic Behavior: Theory and Experiments

We live in a highly connected world and individuals rarely, if ever, make decisions in complete isolation. Rather, our decisions and subsequent outcomes are often influenced by the decisions of others around us. Social, economic, and organizational networks are complex, and, therefore, it is important to understand how the structure of these networks influences behavior….

Ph.D. Spotlight: On Geography, Institutions, Human Capital, and Economic Development.

Dr. Montesinos-Yufa’s dissertation takes a look at the three main hypotheses that have been proposed to explain the fundamental causes of growth and economic development. Chapter 2 of this dissertation explores the hypothesis that geographic conditions associated with climate and time impact development advisedly, and how this impact, if any, may have changed over time….