Meet a Social Scientist: Dr. Metcalf from International Studies

What is your name?
Dr. Lee Metcalf 

What kind of work do you do in the College?
Among other things, I am the director of the International Studies degree programs.

Why did you decide to work at an academic institution? 
I was an FSU political science major who became absolutely fascinated with the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe thanks to some amazing faculty. I decided to go to graduate school with no plans other than to learn more. I applied to Ph.D. programs in political science because I was told that I could get funding for a Ph.D. I did get funding at most of the schools I applied to, and I chose Stanford. Initially, I was planning to leave after receiving a masters, but I found that I really enjoyed research and teaching so I stayed and got my Ph.D. Then I ended up back at FSU as faculty.

Dr. Lee Metcalf (in the Virginia t-shirt) in front of the housing for the London Study Program in Spring Quarter 1981.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job? 
I love working with students helping them to find their own passion and giving them skills to pursue it. I also love the fact that I have to keep learning and reading. That is what sent me down this path in the first place, and it continues to engage me.

What are you working on or teaching right now that has your excited professionally? 
We are in the process of a large scale review of the international affairs program which is conducted every seven years. The program has grown and developed to the point that we need to really start planning for the next stage in its evolution. It will be lots of work, but it should also be exciting.

Dr. Metcalf is the Director of the international studies degree program at Florida State University. You can learn more about Dr. Metcalf here.

The feature image is from Pexels.

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